Katherine Valltos Joins Evermay Consulting Group & Extends Acquisition Excellence

Annapolis, MD, September 5, 2017—Katherine Valltos has joined Evermay Consulting Group as Vice President Acquisition Services, broadening Evermay’s insight into the acquisition activities of more than 50 federal agencies.  A senior leader from the Department of Interior (DOI) Acquisition Management Directorate, Ms. Valltos pioneered Acquisition-as-a-Service as co-founder of GovWorks, which began under the authorization of the Government Management Reform Act of 1994. GovWorks’ success led to its merger into the DOI Office of the Secretary, where it continues as the Interior Business Center, providing professional, experienced acquisition management to government teams through the complex acquisition process.

“Katherine is a proven innovator, and a terrific addition to the other visionaries at Evermay,” said Mickey Jones, Evermay’s Senior Vice President Acquisition Services.  “Our holistic view ensures a strategic approach to successful contract award that starts long before a solicitation is announced. Deep mission understanding ensures collaborative and effective solutions that meet agency needs and provide the best value.”  

“Government and Industry may come from different perspectives, but we’re all on the same mission,” said Ms. Valltos. “Evermay Consulting Group is committed to standing in the gap, ensuring effective communication between government and industry. Our Clients are impressed with the depth of knowledge and finesse with which we conduct ourselves in the federal contracting market. I am very happy to be on the team.”

Katherine’s effectiveness has been widely recognized, and include the Military OneSource Program in support of the DoD’s Military Community and Family Policy program, which won the Federal Acquisition Institute’s award for Acquisition Excellence in 2010.  Other notable projects include leading the Department of Commerce Recovery Act award for the Broadband Technology Opportunity Program.  Her support to the Department of the Interior was highlighted by her oversight of the contract to examine the causes of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. 

Eager to share her commitment to federal acquisition excellence, Ms. Valltos served as mentor and sponsor for the DOI’s Government-wide Acquisition Management Intern program and was an inaugural member of the General Services Administration’s Industry Government Council.  She received the Meritorious and Distinguished Service awards for civilian service and was presented with a commendation in December 2016, for her extraordinary long-term acquisition support of key programs by the Director, Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy.  Ms. Valltos was published in the Office of Federal Procurement Policy’s “Best Practices” and is a Kelman Award winner. 

About Evermay Consulting

Evermay Consulting Group was founded a decade ago to address the critical need for public-private partnership essential to the security of our homeland.  Over time, they have solidified their reputation by offering clients the right mix of expertise, key relationships, and market intelligence necessary to effectively position, penetrate and succeed in the federal government marketplace.

Now, offering a spectrum of strategic business services from strategy through capture and proposal, Evermay is continuing acquisition excellence by adding new leaders, hand-picked for having lived the mission with integrity, and for being agents of change from within their organizations.  The strategic addition of key industry leaders such as Katherine Valltos, further underscores Evermay’s commitment to achieving the full potential of the symbiotic relationships they facilitate. For more information see www.evermayconsulting.com.

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