Evermay Consulting Group Expands Advisory Firm to offer Capture & Proposal Services; Adds Cora Murphy as SVP Capture

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SVP Capture

Evermay Consulting Expands Advisory Services to include Capture and Proposal

McLean, VA—October 24, 2017:  Evermay Consulting Group is expanding to include strategic capture and proposal services, and hires Cora Murphy as Senior Vice President of Capture.   

“We are pleased to announce Evermay’s expansion into strategic capture and proposal services,” said Dr. Cedric Sims, Evermay CEO and past DHS senior executive. “Our clients have long asked us to expand our services of insight and clarity through added capture and proposal strategies. We are dedicated to mission, and to ensuring we have the most strategic, top talent, who have the nuanced, mission-understanding it takes to connect government with not only the best solution, but the proven innovators behind those solutions.  Cora has that, hands-down.”

“This is a natural expansion of Evermay’s advisory services,” said Cora Murphy. “If advising targets destination, capture and proposal are the route options.  Having an informed capture and proposal team not only helps our clients strategically plan their mid- and long-term goals, but ensures all efforts, including short-term execution, keep them on the most direct route to mission success.”

Ms. Murphy’s marketing-infused capture approach, built on 20 years of Federal information technology experience has proven results in small-, mid- and large-tier organizations (including CRGT, now Salient CRGT, and Capgemini).  Based upon her passion for serving each distinct mission, her record includes contract awards across the Federal landscape, including programs with USPS, HHS, AO Courts, DHS,Treasury, and SSA.  Programs where she led campaigns and captures resulted in programs with long tenures and high customer satisfaction, underscoring a focus on delivery from the initial capture.

With an expertise in communications, Ms. Murphy’s reputation for quickly establishing rapport with clients, partners, and colleagues, allows her to strategically build teams and foster teaming arrangements that benefit all businesses and clients. This approach was evident when she led the mentor protégé programs for DHS and Treasury from the industry side.

At her most recent post, she established a training program whereby her team trained almost 200 attendees in proposal management, proposal writing, and capture management leading to a 30% increase in proposal responses during the summer proposal season and contributing to an increase of revenues in 2016 from 2015. 

Ms. Murphy was selected for a leadership program at Capgemini’s Les Fontaines, France, campus, and has a Master’s Degree in English literature from Georgetown University.

For more than 10 years, Evermay Consulting Group has provided advisory services to firms looking to enhance their understanding of DHS and other agencies' missions. Our team is comprised of former government acquisition and program leaders who have not only lived the mission, but have been agents of change from within the government procurement system itself.  Evermay’s unbiased dedication to mission and mentorship has made them actively-sought advisors who daily help meet the challenges of homeland protection.


More information:              Marnie Litz, Vice President Marketing, marnie.litz@evermayconsulting. com, 443-867-4267



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