Advisory Excellence Continues with Addition of Susan Aarons, Former DHS/ICE Special Agent and Senior Leader

One of the founding members of the Department of Homeland Security, Susan Aarons has served in leadership positions spanning customs, immigration, counterterrorism, counterintelligence, and national security. She also served with over 42 U.S. Congressional committees during the mapping of DHS, including appropriations and funding.

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Former Government Executive John G. Osthaus Joins Evermay Consulting Group, Expanding Acquisition Insight into Department of State

Annapolis, MD, May 7, 2018 – John G. Osthaus has joined Evermay Consulting Group to provide acquisition insight and advice primarily for the Department of State.

As former Director of Office of Interagency Affairs, Office of Information Management (OIM), Department of State, Mr. Osthaus directed Information Management’s liaison programs with other U.S. Government agencies and foreign governments.  As the forerunner of today’s Bureau of Information Resource Management, OIM provided information technology systems and services that the Department required to carry out U.S. foreign policy. 

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Capture Corner: Did you know?

Did you know that the term "capture planning" originated around the pursuit of DoD opportunities by large organizations in the 1980s?  That tidbit came from this great overview of capture management, which provides a succinct overview (or at least a 20-page article with nice graphics and sub-titles you can skim :wink:).  While there are several schools of capture management (Shipley and Miller Heiman being the most prominent), the Evermay Team is trained in the Shipley method so this is a good place to start.

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Protesting: Pick Your Battles

...truly “winning” a protest is a long shot.  Is the time, stress and money required to file a protest worth it? 

Government is making further changes to evaluation criteria that will further reduce risk of protest. Mickey and Katherine have strategies to help you prepare for the future of Acquisition.  It's worth a discussion:

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GTSC & ICE Day 2017: A Feast of Information

Throughout my 34-year acquisition career, I have attended many conferences promising to provide “open communication” between industry and those government executives involved in the federal acquisition process.  However, this event was a far cry from the dry-stuffing, and overcooked meat of Thanksgivings past…it was like dining at a gourmet meal: 

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CBP Looks at the Flip Side of Acquisition: A Hosted Conversation with Former Government Acquisition Executives

Today’s acquisition process is complex, at times opaque, and costly to the bidders and government when you consider the tremendous amount of Human Capital that goes into a single acquisition. As a career BD and capture guy, it was the ultimate in “inside baseball.” I have always felt that there should be an Exchange Student Program between government acquisition offices and industry so that each side gets a chance to walk a mile in the other’s shoes...

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Dr. Cedric Sims to Moderate CPO Panel for AFCEA Homeland Security Conference Sept 12-13

Evermay Consulting Group is a proud sponsor of AFCEA International’s Homeland Security Conference on September 12-13 at the Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC.

The only thing constant *is* change, but AFCEA’s Homeland Security Conference is offering a window on business at DHS! Join us Wednesday September 13, at 2:30 p.m., for the *in-person CPO Panel* discussion: “How is Business Changing for DHS?”  Moderated by Evermay Consulting Group’s President & CEO,  Dr. Cedric Sims, hear first-hand as leaders discuss the future of strategic sourcing, and how to meet the need for IDIQs in an agile contracting world. Are RFIs still a market research tool or have they become something more? How are evaluation methodologies keeping pace with contract demands and ensuring delivery quality? See you there!

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Marnie Litz
Evermay Adds Sal Fazzolari to Oversee Growth

“We are already seeing Sal’s impact. Year-to-date, client retention is above 90% for 2017 and new client growth is above 40% ,” said Dr. Cedric Sims, Evermay CEO and President. “He knows the acquisition lifecycle is not about procuring things, it’s about enabling the mission. Formalizing our services across aspects of the business cycle makes sense, and keeps us uniquely poised to support actionable decisions that have strategic implications.”

Sal Fazzolari is a senior executive with much of his experience dedicated to programs that are of national importance. From the integration of the Aegis cruiser combat control system, to The Road Home Program to rebuild New Orleans after Katrina, he has had a passion to deliver high-quality solutions to the government. He has held senior executive roles working for companies such as Northrop Grumman, ICF, CRGT and eGlobalTech.

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