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Advisory Services

When engaging Evermay Consulting Group, our clients can retain our advisory services for direct strategic insight from government decision makers, including program and acquisition leaders.

  • Opportunity identification
  • Client introductions
  • Presentation/positioning reviews
  • Acquisition strategy insights
  • Win strategy
  • Solicitation analyses
  • Color team proposal reviews
  • Black Hat and orals presentation preparation
  • Current delivery remediation
  • Strategic account planning
  • Business Development organization consulting

Capture & Proposal Services

When clients require additional support in pursuit of strategic programs, Evermay Consulting Group offers capture management and proposal management professionals who lead these services on behalf of our clients. These services are offered separately from our Advisory Services – independently or as a task order under the Master Agreement – on a time and materials basis.  In this model, our capture managers and proposal managers are the conduit within Evermay to ascertain clarity around programmatic nuances, acquisition strategies, and bid strategies.

Depending upon the surge capability desired, our capture managers will manage the entire capture lifecycle in partnership with our client, or they will lead specific areas within capture services (e.g., competitive intelligence assessment, storyboards, etc.). For proposal managers, our seasoned leaders offer full proposal management services, including templates and compliance reviews as well as proposal writing capabilities.


Capture Management

Our team brings expertise with Shipley, Miller Heiman, and other approaches. We can provide templates or work within your existing processes. We offer end-to-end capture services, but can also assist with specific capture aspects.

  • Marketing plan reviews and suggestions
  • Gate review preparations
  • Gap analyses
  • Teaming strategy
  • Competitive intelligence analysis
  • Storyboards
  • Transition with proposal management
  • Oversee proposal development through submission
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Proposal Management

  • End-to-end process managers
  • Writers and editors to draft or re-write proposal text
  • Graphics/desktop specialists to lay out and illustrate proposal volumes
  • White glove delivery

Additionally, there is reachback within our team to assist on color team reviews. 

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Corporate Training

  • Corporate Training
  • Capture management
  • Proposal management
  • Proposal writing

Our trainers have not only bid winning proposals, they have evaluated them on behalf of the government. Our philosophy is to meet staff where they are, engage resources for the roles that best fit their strengths, and strengthen your corporate capability to bid and win more work.